Monday, February 10, 2014

old photos from digital camera

hello! since i started a blog, i've been using my digital camera again. the camera i use is canon ixus 125 HS in vivid blue. i bought it using my first salary as a birthday present last year (*´∀`*). i didn't use it very often though, but now that i intend to manage a regular blog again i guess i'll use it more often. here are some past photos i've taken since i bought it.

this is from popcon asia 2013 around may. i really like this booth and bought some art prints there ♥ i like the cute accessories as well, but didn't buy any because i didn't bring enough money back then ^^; you can visit the artist's deviantart page here

the last photo above is from gelar jepang UI 2013. as you can see, i stalked fushimi saruhiko from K project there, LOL. back then he's my favorite anime character. there are some fushimi cosplayers!

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