Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ultraman cosmos live stage

hello :3 on 22 february 2014, i watched ultraman cosmos live stage at plaza semanggi ヾ(´▽`)ゝ this event was a promotional event held by WAKUWAKU JAPAN, a new cable TV station airing programs from Japan including ultraman cosmos itself. the TV station started airing at the same day. the live stage was hosted by miss stella lee! (≧▽≦)


i was hoping to watch the show at 3 PM. unfortunately, there was no more 3 PM ticket left when i got there. at least i got the 7 PM ticket anyway, though i had to cancel my plan for the evening. this show got such an overwhelming response! there were not only many kids and their parents, but also teenagers and young adults like me. and there's this group of young adults who went together and sang along when the theme song was played before the show. i'm kinda glad that i'm not the only older geek there, lol.

lots of pictures under the cut! ^_^

after the show, we queued to the exit and got a chance to handshake with every ultraman from the show! there were ultraman cosmos, ultraman zero and ultraman tiga. we also got a bag containing a free copy of newspaper published by jakarta shimbun (i forget the title), an ultraman notebook and a promotional flyer of WAKUWAKU JAPAN. as you can see, some members of JKT48 were in the ads. are there any wota who wants the flyer? I'll give/mail it if you'd like :p

on another note, i'm kind of curious about WAKUWAKU JAPAN cable TV channel. i checked the website to see the programs they plan to air these days. there's no show i find interesting for me so far, though there may be any someday. unfortunately, they are only available through indovision and okevision, while my cable TV provider is firstmedia (´_`。) oh well. i don't watch TV a lot in the first place anyway xD

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