Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's been a while

It has been ages since I write in English. I had to write in English a lot during my last internship, whether it is for communication purpose or for some sort of report writing. However, we do not use English a lot in the company I am currently working at. Thus I feel that my English skill rots over time, and now is the time for me to maintain and improve it again.

I am currently keeping a visual journal in English since around February this year. Though, I have not written any more pages of it since around last month due to crazy hectic days at work. I should have at least written a lot about my short trip to Singapore last month. But no, I have not gotten any chance to advance to the third page of the travel note.

Maintaining my English is one of the reasons why I feel the need to start blogging again. I intended to start anew, but on the second thought I guess it is better to just continue this blog rather than worrying about technical stuffs I need to think about when starting a new blog. You know, layout and stuffs, which can be modified later when necessary.

Another reason of why I feel the need to start blogging again would be that I may have a lot to tell about. It can be about the anime I watch, the manga and other books I read, the geeky events I attended, the crocheted/knitted stuffs I made, or maybe simply on my random thoughts on some things.

So, hi there!

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  1. Hi, there! I thought you've left this blog for good.