Friday, July 10, 2015

24 in 48 Readathon

I have intended to start participating readathons since I began to review books and manga for this blog (The reviews are coming on the next Wednesdays. Please be sure to look forward to it!). I thought the first readathon I will be participating is Bout of Books 14 that will take place in August 17-23. However, I found out about the 24 in 48 Readathon earlier today. In this readathon, we aim to read for 24 hours in the 48 hours time frame. Long story short, I signed up the readathon!

I will start mine at 12:01 AM in my timezone, which is GMT+7. I am not sure that I would read as much as I can in readathon-ing manner, since I already have scheduled a date with my boyfriend and dinner with his family on Saturday. I also have some deadlines to meet for my work, which I just remembered after I signed up the readathon (oops!! ;P). However, I am looking forward to do see how much I will be able to read during my far-from-perfect first readathon. That way I may will be able to set some visible goals for the next readathons I will be participating. In other words, I would like to measure my constantly-reading capacity through this readathon.


As mentioned earlier, the main goal for my participation in this readathon is to see how much I will be able to read during this readathon. Since I am currently reading Nh. Dini's Kemayoran 1956, another goal of mine is simply to finish reading that book. I intended to read Oka Rusmini's Sagra after finishing that one, but I have been enjoying Dini's narration a lot that it may will be difficult to part from it for a while.. *laughs*. So I may going to continue with another work of hers. Alternatively, I may will pick some thinner Indonesian literature books. Below is the pile of books to choose, with the current read on top.

Anyway, my Hoozuki nendoroid just arrived today!

During the ride back home after the date and dinner on Saturday, I plan to read an ebook. As much as I want to continue reading the printed one, unfortunately I lost my booklight. I will read Fransisca Todi's Pelangi untuk Matahariku I just recently got for free at her website. If I manage to finish them, I will continue reading one of the ebooks given by Gagas Media to celebrate their birthday, most likely Valiant Budi's Joker.

I will track the total hours I was reading, the pages I managed to read, and possibly the number of books I finished. At the end of the readathon, I will report the wrap-up in this post that will be updated on Sunday or Monday. I will also post timely progress reports at my twitter.

Wrap-Up Report

As mentioned earlier, I had scheduled a date and dinner with my boyfriend’s family on Saturday. I also fell asleep at least twice or probably three times. Last, I had some works to finish for Monday. Therefore, I could not make the full 24 hours mark in this readathon.

After the readathon, I learned that sleepiness is my major problem on constantly reading. Actually, I previously learned that I would get sleepy more quickly if I read while leaning my back on something. Another factor may be the fasting I have been doing for almost a month, since it is currently fasting month in muslim tradition. I tried to stay awake, but decided to let myself fell asleep after the texts I read began to make no more sense to me. I also learned that in average, it takes a little bit more than two hours for me to read 100 pages. Every 100 pages mark and every book finished would give me a feeling of accomplishment.

During the date on Saturday, I went to the bookstore with my boyfriend to check the latest manga release. Durarara!! was just recently licensed in Indonesia, so we were looking forward to get it. I bought my Durarara!! along with three (!) other books: Romo Mangun’s Burung-Burung Rantau, Nh. Dini’s latest memoir: Dari Ngalian ke Sendowo, and Seno Gumira Ajidarma’s essay collection: Tiada Ojek di Paris. Seno Gumira Ajidarma (SGA) has been my favorite author since I was in junior high school. So I was very excited to get that book. I intended to read the continuation memoir of Nh. Dini after finished reading Kemayoran, but I started reading SGA’s book instead. I finished it during the readathon, then continued with the memoir I intended to read earlier: Jepun Negerinya Hiroko. I mostly read and write commentary notes for my upcoming reviews on the books I read during this readathon.


Total hour count: 13
Page count: 603
Book count: 3
Avg. reading speed: 46 pages/hour

Books Read
1. Nh. Dini - Kemayoran 1956
2. Seno Gumira Ajidarma - Tiada Ojek di Paris
3. Nh. Dini - Jepun Negerinya Hiroko (unfinished)

Did you participate this readathon? How was your readathon?

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